kupi bileti
from Leo Tolstoy
Creative team:
dramatization and director Nikolay Polyakov
scenography Marina Raychinova
original music and performance Hristo Yocov featuring Beloslava - vocals and Mihail Yosifov - flugelhorn *
choreographer Anna Pampulova
assistant director Yuli Malinov
Video Dimitar Sardzhev

Sofia Marinkova, Yuli Malinov, Milena Zhivkova, Martin Gyaourov, Yulian Rachkov, Martin Dimitrov, Simona Halacheva, Yordanka Lyubenova, Mihail Milchev, Iriney Konstantinov, Lora Mutisheva


A lot has been said and written about Anna Karenina from Leo Tolstoy. Its depictions range from a deep family drama to a folkloremetaphysical saga; from an encyclopedia of the daily life in Russia to symbolism`s first novel; and the Russian writer, essayist, and art critic Dmitry Bykov is hardly the only one to define it as a political novel.

My theater task is far more modest. Together with the actors, we want to tell the story of a group of people, who cannot joke with matters of the heart (quoting the characters of the novel themselves). Personal, matters of the heart, yet happening in front of the very eyes of the merciless Society. One rough and brutal force, all the time vague, masked, and secretive, whichunceremoniously manages their lives.

The 900-page novel has many movie versions. I and Sofia Theatre are offering you theatrical one. It is worth watching for the sincere actor work alone.

Nikolay Polyakov

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