kupi bileti
from Jean Anouilh
Creative team:
Translation: Hristo Mitskov
Stage editing and staging: Ivan Dobchev
Director: Ivan Dobchev
Assistant director: Hristo Mitskov
Set design: Stanislav Pamukchiev
Costumes: Petya Boyukova
Music: Hristo Namliev
Photographer: Simon Varsano

Daria Simeonova, Katalin Stareyshinska, Bozhidar Yordanov, Iriney Konstantinov, Yordanka Lyubenova, Nikolay Varbanov, Rosen Belov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Ivan Krumov


"The world of politicians / kings, emperors, Fuhrers, presidents, Generalissimos and simple Prime Ministers / the times of Sophocles until today, has always been faced with the "unhealthy ethical abnormality in characters like Antigone. They the Antigones always oppose they own morality to the cause of the "public men" and refuse to submit to the "healthy" rules and laws of the strong and they ultimately pay that violation with their life. From antiquity to today, we, the audience of these tragedies has always come to the purgative catharsis, sprinkle our heads with ashes, take a relevant lessons from the history and so ... until the next stubborn Antigone who does not want to come to sense and accept our iron statesmanship logic.
Its necessary to agree with something although, if we dont want to err Antigones gesture with the gestures of her numerous imitators people that failed, lost any ground, outsiders, "have nothing to lose beside their chains. Antigone makes her gesture despite the blood relationship with her uncle- the king, despite the engagement with Hemon / kings son / despite her status as the daughter of Oedipus- the savior of the country. Antigone has nothing to lose - and that makes the gesture of disobedience subordinated to something higher than the egocentric spurt to prove herself and manifest rebellious nature.
Our show is for the real, the sacred grounds of the protesting man, the man who says "No" to the understanding of itself "YES" and maintain it at the cost of his life. I think we owe it to young prone to protest, Bulgarians."

Ivan Dobchev

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