kupi bileti
from Agnieszka Osiecka and Maciej Malecki
Creative team:
Author: Agnieszka Osiecka
Music: Maciej Malecki
Director: Ana Bateva
Scenography: Martina Variyska
Music: Stefan Zdraveski

Simona Halacheva, Yuliyan Rachkov


“What happens when the frantic desire and the dream for life in “the big city” turn into a hectic and impetuous fantasy?

How do we live when the craving for a glamorous life in the capital is a part of the everyday routine? And, in that process, does the boundary between the “fictional” and the “real” world blur?

This is the topic around which spins the story of the characters – how does the dizziness and the exhilaration from the “city lights” affect the lives of two young people and their relationship? Is it too late for them to get to know each other and to reflect on themselves after they have been blinded for so many years by their perception about themselves and the idea about personal perfection?

Ana Bateva, director


The team of the play would like to thank Zlatina Teneva for her kind assistance.


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