kupi bileti
from Nina Raine
Creative team:
translated by Matey Todorov
director Nedyalko Delchev
set design and costumes Boris Dalchev
composer Kaloyan Dimitrov
video Dimitar Sardjev
operator Kiril Prodanov

Martin Ghiaurov, Neda Spasova, Rosen Belov, Silvia Petkova, Martin Dimitrov, Irina Miteva, Nevena Kaludova


A world of successful but terribly confused people... People who have lost their basic landmarks. Angry people with doubts. Anxious and tense. Tucked in some kind of a spinner... Nina Raine, author of Consent, builds this frightening world with love.

Her characters are smart middle-class cynics. Intelligent young people with successful careers. Part of the elite of London. Part of the top of the social pyramid. Yet, and yet, their world - seemingly full, peaceful and rich - is still empty and unsettled. And something very important is missing in this best of all possible worlds. There is no sense, purpose, direction. There is no love, closeness, mutuality. These are the main concerns and fears of the characters...

The key word in the play Consent is compassion. Are we capable of compassion? Do we believe that someone else's pain should be ours too? Are we able to overcome selfishness and self-sufficiency and build a fairer human community? Walls or bridges in our minds?

Nedyalko Delchev - director

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