Night of January 16th
Night of January 16th
kupi bileti
from Ayn Rand
Creative team:
translation Zlatna Kostova
director Plamen Markov
stage designer Mira Kalanova
composer Kalin Nikolov

Nikolay Antonov, Yulian Rachkov, Nikolay Varbanov, Mila Bancheva, Lora Mutisheva, Silvia Petkova, Lilia Maraviglia, Daria Simeonova, Mihail Milchev, Rosen Belov, Plamen Manasiev, Petya Silyanova, Simona Halacheva, Ivaylo Geraskov, Yuli Malinov, Martin Dimitrov


Ayn Rand is Americas most controversial individualist. She was a bold woman who produced brilliant worksfusing fiction and philosophy. Her best-selling novels, likeAtlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, have sold millions of copies and continue to influence independent thinkers and celebrities the world over, from Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales to Angelina Jolie and Hugh Hefner.

Night of January 16th is a theatrical play, inspired by the death of the "Match King", Ivar Kreuger, written by Ayn Rand. It takes place entirely in a courtroom during a murder trial. An unusual feature of the play is that members of the audience are chosen to play the roles of jury members.

The play was first produced in 1934 in Los Angeles under the title Woman on Trial; it received positive reviews and enjoyed moderate commercial success.

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