Ronia the Robber
Ronia the Robber
kupi bileti
from Astrid Lindgren, adaptation Katya Petrova
Creative team:
director Katya Petrova
set design Petya Karadjova and Boris Dalchev
composer Hristo Yotzov
Animation Sotir Gelev
choreographer Anna Pampulova

Martina Peneva, Aleksandar Tonev, Nikolay Varbanov, Julian Rachkov, Simona Halacheva, Plamen Manasiev, Yuli Malinov, Nikolay Dimitrov, students of Department "Theatre" NBU


"Adults never understand anything by themselves, and for children is tiresome to explain" /A. Exupery/

They call her "this naughty writer" ... Astrid Lindgren created a new type of literature for children. With its independent and unconventional characters she breaks stereotypes in children's literature. The show "Ronia the Robber's Daughter" utter the concern of the gap between children and parents. Ronia and Birch frequently cause bewilderment and confusion among the adults. They are inventive and bold, with lots of spirit, determination and firmness. Children are infallible in their sense of morality, in their sense of virtues - openness, compassion, kindness, in their quest for justice. They show what is wrong in the world peacefully. They do not point fingers as adults, but only by their actions try to show them how to live in love for one another. Their spontaneous reactions and boldness change the world.

Katya Petrova

Dedicated to Daffy

Recommended for children between 6 and 12 years old.

Premiere: January 28, 2016

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