The Sofia Theatre begins rehearsals for "Peer Gynt" by Ibsen
10 June 2021
The Sofia Theatre begins rehearsals for "Peer Gynt" by Ibsen

Sofia Theatr started rehearsals under the project "Peer Gynt travels" under the program "Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation" BGCULTURE-2.001 - FIRST CALL FOR PROJECT PROPOSALS UNDER RESULT 2 "IMPROVED ACCESS TO CULTURE AND THE ARTS", with program operator The Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.

With champagne and strawberries, the director, the actors and the team of the Sofia Theatre marked the first rehearsal of the new production of the dramatic poem "Peer Gynt" by Heinrich Ibsen with an interpretation of Edward Grieg's music, specially written for this work at the request of the author.

Ibsen, called the "father of modern drama" and considered one of the most important playwrights of all time, has made a great contribution to the modern theater scene. His critique and free study of morals and problems of morality are contrary to the usual content of Victorian plays. With his works, he challenges the views of the era, shattering the traditional expectations of the audience at the time.

Ibsen created the dramatic poem "Peer Gynt" rich in fairy-tale elements in Italy in 1867, when in a period of deep spiritual crisis due to misunderstanding and rejection of his works in Norway, he had the idea to write about the wanderings of the young man far from his native land. The action takes place from the early 19th century to the 1960s, first in the valleys and mountains of Norway, then along the coasts of Morocco, the Sahara, Egypt and back in Norway. The play, full of bizarre characters from Norwegian mythology, tells the story of a young man - Peer Gynt (whose prototype is Ibsen), who leaves his hometown in the hope of getting rich and finding happiness at other places. After many years of wandering in several countries, after meeting many people and experiencing many situations, he returns to his homeland old, tormented, without having found happiness. Returning home, he realizes that the most precious things for him is his homeland, his mother, his beloved one, who waited for him for 40 years and believed in his return. At this point, Peer realizes that he has been saved and remains original - in hope, in faith and in love.

The creation of the new production can be defined as a multidisciplinary performance, as the theatrical performance will combine drama, music, dance, interactive visualization in a common mechanism to provoke the senses and feelings of modern audiences.

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